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Case Study - a Bespoke version for a client returning from Lockdown.

Our Client wanted to manage the return to work by understanding how their employees were reacting to the new environment. We created a bespoke version of Sentemeter for them, with an emoji redesign, instructional videos, a Sentesurvey pulse survey and specially built dashboards. Total development and implementation time from start to finish was 5 days:

How does it work?
Screenshot Covid dashboard.PNG


Select and Swipe one of the 10 emojis over the photo of your colleague to register how your feel about them today. It automatically moves to the next colleague or you can search...


You receive your anonymous feedback on your personal dashboard in the App. For example, if you are respecting social distancing you will have a high "Social" Index


Human Resources can monitor performance at company, manager or individual level via pdf alerts and secure, interactive dashboards available in-App (Sentiviz), and desktop

1- SenteAngry.png


"Sentemeter is a great tool to engage with the team and get a feel of their feelings and happiness at the workplace. It allows us as well to analyse potential risk and conflict areas and work on improvements in these areas. It is easy to implement and use and the system is constantly updated and improved" Torsten - General Manager Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts

"We've been successfully using Sentemeter for several years as Team Engagement is one of our key priorities to operating our business with transparency and integrity. We look forward to using the Covid-19 version to guide us out of Lockdown" Mark - General Manager Media One Dubai

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