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How Sentemeter tackles bullying at your workplace

Why Sentemeter is so successful in eradicating bullying and improving workplace culture can be attributed to three essential elements: the continuous feedback system, observation/deterrent effect and the in-depth analytics (please go to our homepage and videos to see how it works).

The Continuous Feedback

Sometimes employees don't even realize that their behaviour towards others is hurtful, but when colleagues are able to give anonymous feedback to each other, they become aware of the impact on others. This self-awareness is a powerful change factor.

The Observation

Since bullying is often verbal or psychological in nature, it may not always be visible to others. Furthermore, bullies often victimise those who are least likely to report them. Once a bully knows that staff have Sentemeter installed and that HR has visibility, behaviour significantly improves in most cases - similar to the deterrent effect of neighbourhood watch. 

The Analytics

In the cases where Feedback and Observation fail to correct the problem, the interactive analytics such as Red Flag reports, Core Value Indexes and Personal Dashboards will identify the issue and guide HR should they need to intervene.

The analytics can identify key elements such as duration, "one to one", "one to many", "many to one", "many to many", gender bias, racial bias, age bias etc., giving HR a quantitative tool to support the process.

Not only is it the right thing to do to eliminate bullying at work,

it makes good business sense:

Psychological effects of bullying on an individual may include:

  • thinking, worrying about work constantly, even during time off

  • dreading work and wanting to stay home

  • needing time off to recover from stress

  • losing interest in things you usually like to do

  • increased risk for depression and anxiety

  • suicidal thoughts

  • low self-esteem

  • self-doubt, or wondering if you’ve imagined the bullying

Workplaces with high rates of bullying can also experience negative consequences, such as:

  • financial loss resulting from legal costs or bullying investigations

  • decreased productivity and morale

  • increased employee absences

  • high turnover rates

  • poor team dynamics

  • reduced trust, effort, and loyalty from employees

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