Why do we love Sentemeter?

The micro-feedback innovation that shows you the bigger picture as painted by your staff

Swipe feedback from all staff to all staff - 360° x 365 days a year!

"I'm now much more aware how my behaviour affects others" - Grace

"Even though it's anonymous, his attitude magically improved as soon as he knew I had Sentemeter!" - Julia

"No one even knew who we were in Engineering. Now everyone greets us by name" - Mike

"Because it's simple and fun to use we get significantly better participation than with traditional surveys...the analytics are very powerful" - Ivan

"I feel like I finally have a voice - without even having to speak out" - Carla

A fun system but with very serious benefits


Integrated App to Analytics Process

for fingertip to fingertip speed and simplicity


Why Sentemeter?


Transparency & Recognition
  • Give employees a voice.

  • Recognise employees for their values, not just their performance.

  • Track trends and patterns using Sentemeter's visual analytics.


Trust & Loyalty
  • Expose the strongest and weakest links and protect your valuable employees.

  • Increasing transparency in your organisation generates trust, which in turn engenders loyalty.


  • Identify those who naturally build positive relationships and networks.

  • Leverage what they do best.

  • Pick out the stars, but also shine a light into all corners of your company.

Empathy & Positivity
  • Create a culture of social awareness across all demographic groups in your organisation.

  • Reveal patterns of support, tolerance and positivity and raise awareness of where it is lacking.



  • Efficiently motivate your colleagues in an environment of Recognition, Trust, Teamwork and Positivity

  • Sentemeter will help you to build that Culture


What is Sentemeter?

Another Product of Lunar Rock Technologies


"Sentemeter is a great tool to engage with the team and get a feel of their feelings and happiness at the workplace. It allows us as well to analyse potential risk and conflict areas and work on improvements in these areas. It is easy to implement and use and the system is constantly updated and improved" Torsten - General Manager Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts

"We've been successfully using Sentemeter for several years as Team Engagement is one of our key priorities to operating our business with transparency and integrity. We look forward to using the Covid-19 version to guide us out of Lockdown" Mark - General Manager Media One Dubai


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