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Bring Your Company

to Life!

You realize the importance of Core Values. You have printed the posters and sent out the emails, but...

Are your staff still struggling to internalize your organization's Core Values?

If your response is "Yes!", the award-winning

Sentemeter 360 degree feedback App system is your answer!

In a single, fully integrated solution you will ...

1. Communicate & Reinforce

Sentemeter works to communicate and reinforce your company's Core Values.

Every time a participant gives feedback to their colleagues or checks their personal dashboard, they are internalizing those core values, making it more likely for them to adopt and respect them

Sentemeter can be used every day. Each time a participant uses Sentemeter to give feedback to their colleagues, they are reminded of the company core values.

2. Internalize


3. Measure & Monitor

Sentemeter measures & monitors your company's progress by providing you with KPI feedback.

It’s essential to have clear, unambiguous monitoring to measure your progress. The complete Sentemeter system is designed to give you continuous KPI feedback on how your organization is performing.

4. Analyze

Sentemeter has powerful online analytics dashboards to show you how you are performing at a company level down to the individual employee, identifying hotspots and areas for intervention.

Sentemeter provides your comapny wth online analytics dahboards.
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